KARACHI: An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Yousuf Ali Sayeed on Wednesday asked a petition Long Khan to deposit 30 percent redemption fine as ordered by the appellate authority for release of vehicle claimed by him.

The bench also asked advocate Kashif Nazir representing Pakistan Customs, Preventive to seek instructions in respect of connected constitutional petition.

The petitions were filed by Gul Wali, Long Khan, Shahzad Khan and Abdul Wajid who owns different vehicles now in custody of Pakistan Customs for being smuggled ones.

Today as the petitions were taken up by the bench, Ms Dil Khurram Shaheen advocate representing the petitioners informed the court that in CP-D 6593 and 6594, the petitioners got the vehicles while vehicle in CP-D 6596 was detained by the Custom Preventive. She maintained that Order in Original is in favour of her clients bu the Customs officials are denying release of the vehicle.

Kashif Nazir advocate counsel for Preventive justifying the detention submitted that the Order in Original has been challenged by the department before the Special Customs Appellate Tribunal and hence vehicle was not released.

The counsel for petitioner drawn the attention of the court to the Order in Original and said that respondents are bound to release the vehicles.

The counsel for respondents at this stage sought time to see instruction at which the bench put of further proceedings till Feb 24.