Directorate General Customs I&I comes hard on subordinate officers

KARACHI: Director General Customs Intelligence & Investigation Shaukat Ali has expressed his dismay over the performance of directorates of Customs Intelligence & Investigation across the country and advised the directors to concentrate on bringing their performance up to the desired standards.

In an official communication, Sjaukat Ali rejected the claim of Directorate of l&l-FBR, Karachi that the seizure of heroin exclusively by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) and its handing over to Directorate of l&l-FBR, Karachi could be counted as Directorate’s performance.

Syed Shaukat Ali clarified that the data of seized narcotics being maintained by the Directorate General and FBR’s other field formations does not take into account the value aspect and is based on the quantity of narcotics seized.

Value of seized narcotics is roughly mentioned in seizure reports from the viewpoint of determining of the adjudicating authority. Incorporating the value of seized narcotics in the performance report is against the said practice which is being followed by Directorate General.

The officers are advised to improve performance and deliver targets instead of faking performance.

Moreover, Director (HQ) I&I-FBR has taken strict note of violation of laid down rules and procedures by the subordinate staff of Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation.

The Federal Government with the passage of tittle has developed/devised policies, rules, regulations and procedures for smooth running of the offices which are mandatory in nature. The movements of files relating to day to day issues are being regulated accordingly and all the decisions in respect of particular office for smooth implementation of government policies are the prerogative/mandate of Head of that particular office and he is answerable for the same.

It is observed that during last few weeks no file is being sent to the office of Director HQ I&I-FBR for approval or onward submission to the Director General I&I-FBR for further guidance or order where legally needed.

It is serious violation of all the federal government adopted policies or procedures. The files arr being sent to the Director General without routing the same through the Director HQ or obtaining his input and the decision taken thereon are implemented without his knowledge.

These deliberate violations and irregularities on the part of subordinate staff of this directorate is seriously viewed. Besides they are warned that the same otherwise will be legally valid justification and ground for willful and deliberate connivance of the staff involved in such illegal practices.

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