Transit cargo to move through registered carriers only

KARACHI: Directorate of Transit Trade Quetta has notified that all the transit trade cargo which was being transported via land route from Chaman to Karachi or Wagha outside the bonded carriers/transport operator regime will henceforth be transported through the registered bonded carrier, transport operators only with effect from February 20, 2017.

All the registered bonded carriers and transport operators will be eligible to transport the Afghan transit goods from Chaman to Wagha and Karachi as per law.

New transport units, if required, may be registered/added by the Chaman based transporters against the already Registered Bonded Carriers/Transport Operators.

The Customs staff posted at Transit Station Chaman has been provided with the necessary software screens in One Customs. In this regard a written request will be submitted by the Bonded Carrier along with the requisite documents including Lease Agreement and an Affidavit executed between the vehicle owner and the Bonded Carrier/ Transport Operator to register a specific vehicle against a particular Bonded Carrier/Transport-Operator.

The process of deletion of vehicles will also he carried out by the Customs Staff in One Customs System.

Registration Book of vehicle, CNIC of drivers and other applicable documents will be provided to Customs for inspection and retention, where required.

All Transport Operators will also be required to provide duly renewed vehicle fitness and road worthiness certificate from Road Transport Authority (RTA) / Motor Vehicle Examiner as per law.

The Customs staff may also verify the authenticity/ genuineness of any document submitted to them, if deemed necessary.

Physical examination of the transporting unit will be carried out by concerned Customs officer for its road worthiness and he will tally the Chassis number, Engine numbers and other particulars mentioned in the Registration book with the particulars physically mentioned on the subject vehicle.

All the transport units and conveyance sued by operators for carrying transit goods will be properly secured, riveted, locked and sealed. Transport units and conveyance used by the transport operators will be so constructed and equipped as to provide for the customs seals to be conveniently and effectively affixed thereon and containing no concealed space where any goods be hidden.

Prior to submission of carrier manifest the transport operator will satisfy himself that the actual description, quantity, quality and weight of the goods in transit are as per declaration in the GD. In case any change in the details of cargo is found en-route or at port of exit, the transport operator will be held responsible as per law.

After completion of the other Customs formalities including filing of GD, weighment, issuance of Carrier Manifest by the transport operator etc the concerned Customs Staff will feed the requisite information in the One Customs Computerized System.

Concerned Customs officer will be responsible for maintaining proper record of the subject vehicle including particulars of vehicle and all other relevant record including the Affidavit executed between the vehicle owner and the Bonded Carrier/ Transport Operator.

Assistant Deputy Director Directorate of Transit Trade, Custom House, Chaman will be the focal person for provision of facilitation, assistance and guidance to all the concerned.

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