Importer penalised for availing inadmissible sales tax concessions

KARACHI: Collector of Customs Adjudication Dr. Shazia Ikram has penalised an importer and clearing agent for evading government revenue through claiming inadmissible benefit of concessionary SRO on the import of processed cheese.

M/s Sabiha Anees Trading Enterprises is imposed a penalty of Rs1.0 million along with the payment of evaded revenue of Rs10.007 million while clearing agent M/s R.H Enterprises is imposed a penalty of Rs0.3 million.

According to details, Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation received information that M/s Sabiha Anees Trading Enterprises is involved in unlawful claim of zero rated exemptions of sales tax under 6th Schedule and reduced rate exemption under 8th Schedule on import of processed cheese under H.S Code 0406.3000.

Subsequently, one under-clearance consignment of the above said importer was blocked online and physical examination found the goods to be Happy Cow brand processed cheese (H.S Code 0406.3000) in retail packing. Perusal of relevant GD found that the importer claimed inadmissible concessions of sales tax under 8th schedule, which was available to simple cheese that is sold in retail packing under a brand name.

Record of past clearances of the said importer was scrutinized and total evasion on 23 consignments was calculated to be Rs10.007 million.

After due deliberation of the case, Collector Adjudication found the charges levelled against the importer and clearing agent established and ordered recovery of evaded amount. A penalty of Rs1.0 million was also imposed on M/s Sabiha Anees Trading Enterprises. A penalty of Rs0.3 million was imposed on clearing agent M/s R.H Enterprises.

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