Collector Adjudication disposes show cause notice served on M/s Rana Enterprises

KARACHI: Collector Adjudication Asif Marghoob Siddiqui has disposed the Show Cause Notice served on M/s Rana Enterprises and ordered to assess the imported consignment as per the concerned valuation ruling.

M/s Rana Enterprises had been seved Show Cause Notice for deliberately concealing and filing an untrue declaration in order to get the goods released on highly suppressed values and to evade government revenue.

The case was fixed for hearing and Asad Masood Principal Appraiser attended on behalf of MCC-Appraisement (West) whereas Faisal Ghani represented the importer M/s Rana Enterprises.

During the course of hearing it came to light (in consultation with the Principal Appraiser and respondents importer’s representative) that the impugned imported item fall for clearance under the regime of Valuation Ruling issued for the items.

Secondly it was a GD liable to be cleared subject to the examination, therefore, the report has been made by the case making agency accordingly. The importer’s representative contended that in view of the above-stated position, the question of mis-declaration on any account on his behalf does not arise. The Principal Appraiser, however, contended that mis-declaration, to the extent that the items declared as Pendant Lamp/Ceiling Lamp and found as Chandelier on the basis of examination report, was there.

But Valuation of both the items is existing and value of pendant is higher than the value of chandelier as per the Valuation Ruling. It is further observed that there is no misdeclaration in respect of weight PCT and origin.

Both the sides agreed that the imported items may be assessed and released on the basis of the applicable Valuation Ruling. Record of the case has been examined and arguments of both the sides were given due consideration.

In the presence of the Valuation Ruling, the goods in any case are liable to be assessed on the basis of the VR. Therefore, the attempt of misdeclaration of Value in such situation is out of the question.

Collector Adjudication ordered that the impugned goods may be assessed and released on the basis of the Valuation Ruling.

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