Valuation Ruling No.966/2016 remanded back for re-determination

KARACHI: Director General Customs Valuation Syed Tanveer Ahmed has remanded Valuation Ruling 966/2016 back to the directorate for re-fixing the prices of honey as the same were not worked out properly.

M/s Asian Consumer Care Pakistan Pvt Ltd had approached Directorate General agitating against the Valuation Ruling No.966/2016 for fixing the values of Dabur honey on higher side.

The market inquiry was conducted and the principal appraiser of the group stated that 500g pack was sold at Rs455-Rs490. The market inquiry prices were accepted by the importer. On the basis of their prices, work back method shows prices much less than $4.80/kg. Importer stated that large packing is cheap and small pack is expensive. He said the declared value can be checked at Ice Gate of Indian website.

He also provided letter of credit (L/C), remittances etc. He said that they are importing Natural Honey only and compared prices with brands of Langnese from Germany $4.95/kg but is being sold in the market at Rs.765/500ml which comes to $5.28/kg.

He said above prices of India and Germany have been equated despite difference in quality and freight. The Principal Appraiser accepted that the price of `Langnese’ brand is Rs.765/500ml as stated by the importer.

The importer further said that the prices of Langnese brand has been fixed on lower side as they have not filed any Revision Petition.

Director General notes if this is the case and prices of Dabur and other brands are confirmed by the importer and the department then prices of Dabur should have been fixed at low level and other brands on higher side. As an interim arrangement the prices of Dabur brand are fixed at $3.25/kg for Dabur brand.

As the prices have not been worked out properly the case is referred back and remanded to Director Valuation for re-fixing the prices in 15 days.

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