Juicer/blender parts classifiable under PCT 8509.4010

KARACHI: Chairman Classification Committee Additional Collector Haris Ansari has determined that juicer/blender main body (parts) is appropriately classifiable under PCT 8509.4010.

MCC Appraisement East forwarded a reference for classification of goods declared as juicer parts (plastic base and motors) imported by M/s N.S Enterprises Peshawar under claimed HS Code 8509.9000 which is for parts of electron mechanical domestic appliances.

Examination report mentioned the goods as juicer parts complete plastic main body with built-in motor and attachments.

Collectorate is of the view the imported goods being complete base units for juicer/blender (without jug) are classifiable under PCT 8509.4010 as per Rule 2(a) of GRI.

After detailed deliberation, Classification Committee concluded that the product i.e. main body for juicer/blender and other electro-mechanical domestic appliances with self-contained electric motor with or without on/off switch or power cord whether imported in CBU, SKD, SKD condition is classifiable under HS Code 8509.4010.

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