Government convinced to eliminate under-invoicing, smuggling

KARACHI: The post clearance audit (PCA) has initiated recovery of revenue which was evaded through under-invoicing, which heralds a larger policy wherein government would ensure plugging of revenue leakage.

Directorate General of Customs Valuation pursuing Tanveer Plan has issued a number of valuation guidelines for the reference so that under invoicing could be eliminated.

Now, PCA has started detecting clearance of imported goods on values lower than the reference values. A recovery in this regard has also been made.

Sources said that a policy is being planned at the helm of affairs where Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and Advisor to PM Haroon Akhtar have agreed that under-invoicing and smuggling should be eliminated for good.

On the finance side Ishaq Dar and Haroon Akhtar would ensure that revenue leakage is dealt with at the end of Federal Borad of Revenue (FBR) while Chaudhry Nisar would mobilise resources at his disposal to block all means of smuggling.

The authorities are convinced that there must be one standard of values for all importers so that a level playing field could be ensured for all market participants. Still certain importers get their imported goods cleared at under-invoiced values avoiding the correct incident of duty and taxes, which puts them at an advantage against the legitimate traders.

The valuation guidelines being issued by the Directorate General of Customs Valuation are being implanted across the country so that under-invoicing could be eliminated across the board.

Chairman FBR Nisar Mohammad Khan is retiring on January 18, 2017 and the incumbent chairman would be faced with serious challenges since Nisar Mohammad Khan set the bar quite high.

The new chairman is expected to accord responsibilities to competent and reputed officers to meet the challenges. It may be mentioned here that promotions of officers and subsequent trasnfers and postings are over due.

Chief Collector Enforcement South Zahid Khokhar, Director General Internal Audit Agha Jawad, Syed Tanveer Ahmed Director General Customs Valuation, Mohammad Saleem Member Tribunal Peshawar, Director Customs Valuation Wasif Memon, Director Reforms & Automation Wajid Ali, Director ASO Feroz Alam Junejo, Director PCA Gul Rehman, Director I&I Samina Wajid, Director Training Zeba Bashir, Collector MCC Appraisement East Ashad Jawad, Collector Islamabad Dr. Arslan Subuctageen, Collector Preventive Saifuddin Jenejo, Collector Exports (PQ) Mujtaba Memon, Collector Exports Yaqoob Mako, Collector Gwadar Saeed Jadoon, Collector Quetta Saeed Akram, Director Afghan Transit Surayya Ahmed Butt, Chief Management Faiz Ahmed, Junaid Jalil, Dr. Iftikhar and other such officers such as Khalil Yusufuani, Shaqat Niazi, Nadeem Ahsan, Mohammad Tahir, Tahir Qureshi, Asad Raza Rizvi,  Ali Zaman Gardezi, Irfan Javed, Farrukh Sajjad, Abdul Mateen, Umar Shafique, Sadia Sheeraz, Farrukh Shareef, Imran Sajjad, Adnan Sawati, Ashfaq Khan, Rana Tasleem, Falik Sher, Nausheen Riaz,  Fazl-e-Samad, Amanullah Tareen, Imranullah Wazir, Wasif Malik, Ali Aijaz, Rana Aftab, Amjad Rajpar, Fazli Shakoor, Toseef Gorchani, Mukhar A Shaikh, Raza Naqvi, Shoib Raza, Sanam Qureshi, Mariam Mehdi Raja, Rizwan Bashir, Abdul Qudoos, Asim Rehman, Aftab Haider, Jahanzaib Abbasi, Mahabat Khan, Nazia Saleem, Rizwan Salabat, Saad Rabbani, Ali Asad, Amir Hussain, Abdul Basit, Sajid Baloch, Ahsanullah, Imran Lillah, Yousuf Magsi, Khayal Mohammad, Akbar Jan and other such officers would likely be assigned on sensitive and important positions in Customs.

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