PMSA, Customs recover narcotics in joint operation

KARACHI: Pakistan Maritime Security Agency  (PMSA) and Anti Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Pakistan Customs in a joint operation recovered narcotics in huge quantity here.

According to details PMSA  got information that high quality narcotics will be smuggled through international sea route. Based on this information, on the instructions of D.G PMSA Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar, PMSA deployed ships and Fast Response Boats in Western Maritime Region. PMSA Fast Response Boats spotted a suspicious boat at International Maritime Boundary Line and boarded it. The crew tried to resist and some jumped into sea in an effort to escape. However, PMSA personnel during  the 3 hour long search recovered approximately 1.5 Tons of Hashish from hidden compartments of the boat. market value of narcotics is 1200 Million (PKR).

This consignment was destined for US and European markets through East Africa. Ten smugglers were also apprehended. The narcotics and smugglers were handed over to Customs later.

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