Valuation Ruling for Panaflex, Banner Sheets, Bleached, Non bleached Kraft Liner Board & Paper issued

KARACHI: The Director, Directorate of Valuation, Pakistan Customs issued Valuation Ruling 988 of 2016  in exercise of powers conferred under Section 25-A of Customs Act in respect of PVC Panaflex, Banner Sheets. The custom values of the above named item was earlier determined vide VR 892 of 2016. The new VR was necessitated as the department received representations from commercial importers and above all in view of judgment of High Court of Sindh requiring of the department to issue new VR as per mandate of the law (90 days).

The value was determined to be US $ 1.10 per kilogram for China origin and 1.30 for other origin, said the notification.

The department also notified the value of bleached, non-bleached kraft liner board & paper. The value of bleached/white kraft liner board was determined at US $ 0.73 per kilogram for imports from Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, 0.75 for Australia USA, Canada, 0.78 for Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, 0.79 for UK, Ireland, 0.62 for China and 0.63 UAE, Saudi Arabia, 0.72 for Brazil, 0.80 for Japan, 0.73 for  other origin while of un-bleached brown kraft liner board to be between US $ 0.62 to 0.70 from above mentioned countries, regions.

The notification added that new VR was issued on the request of All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association for revisiting the old VR in view of current price trends in the international market.

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