Tyre & tube importer penalized for under-invoicing

Tyre & tube importer penalized for under-invoicing

KARACHI: Collector Customs Adjudication Dr. Shazia Ikram has penalized tyres and tube importer for attempting to evade government revenue through under-invoicing.

M/s Shafqat Automobiles Sargodha imported a consignment declared to be tyres and tubes with or without flaps of different brands of Indian origin under different sub heads of PCT 4011 through MCC Appraisement East.

The assessment was made as per Valuation Ruling applicable. However, on reports that group under-invoicing was being carried out by importers, the matter was investigated taking into consideration the official website www.icegate.gov.in.

It was found that transaction values of the goods declared by M/s Shafqat Automobiles Sargodha were lower than those available in the export record of India. An amount of Rs3.349 million of duty and taxes has been short paid/evaded by the importer through this under-invoicing.

However, M/s Shafqat Automobiles Sargodha failed to produce any exhaustive evidence in support to substantiate their declaration.

Collector Adjudication Dr. Shazia Ikram after detailed deliberation of the case found that M/s Shafqat Automobiles deliberately concealed the actual value of the goods to escape the legitimate government revenue.

Collector Adjudication ordered recovery of Rs3.349 million from the importer and also imposed a penalty of Rs0.8 million.

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