KARACHI: Air Freight Unit (AFU) of MCC Preventive Karachi has prepared a system to record details of every passenger pertaining to the foreign currency carried abroad. The system (Software) is in the trial run and would be rolled soon at Karachi airport.

In order to regulate the flow of currency and to facilitate the bonafide passengers, a currency declaration desk has already been established both at the international arrival and departure lounges where passengers can make their declaration as per State Bank of Pakistan Regulations.

As per current regulations of SBP, an adult passenger cannot carry foreign currency more than $10,000 at one time and $60,000 during a year. To implement and enforce these regulations, such an enforcement mechanism is required that may not only be effective in nature but also facilitate the passengers as well. Keeping this in view, a Currency declaration sof tware has been introduced at the Jinnah International Airport.

This is the first and most effective effort to monitor and control the movement of foreign currency through the airport. The system will he implemented in three phases. Phase-I relates to the development of the concept and development of software which has been completed and information is being captured now at the moment. Till now, data pertaining to almost 450 passengers has been entered.

At present, this software is working as a standalone system. However. in Phase-II, the system is now being upgraded as a web-based system and will be replicated to all the airports in Pakistan to regulate the monetary limits.

In Phase-III, the system will be upgraded to receive the Advance Passenger Information directly from the airline and will work on a sophisticated risk management system and proactive profiling. This system has been conceived, developed and implemented by the Preventive Collectorate itself and is expected to be a landmark effort to support and stabilize the economy of Pakistan.

Additional Collector AFU Asad Raza Rizvi took the initiative to record international air passengers along with the foreign currency they carried on each trip. Collector Preventive Saifuddin Junejo in complete agreement with Additional Collector Asad Raza Rizvi approved the project.

The customs would be able to record and monitor influx and outflux of foreign currency in the country and no passenger would be able to take foreign currency more than the prescribed limit. This software/system prepared by Additional Collector AFU Karachi Asad Rizvi would contribute most in eliminating flight of foreign currency from the country.

Pakistan Customs is pursuing a rigorous campaign against smuggling out of foreign currency and inbound smuggling of gold. Collectorates across the airports in the country have deployed additional staff to check and scan passengers.

AFU Karachi has also acquired additional staff and they have been posted at airports under the sudpervision of Deputy Collector Moazzam Raza.

Collector MCC Islamabad Dr. Arslan Subuctageen has also advised the staff and keep strict vigilance over the movement of currency and gold. MCC Islamabad has made several cases and seized quantities of gold and currency.

Collector Preventive Lahore Zulfiqar Yunus has also formed teams to conduct personal checking of suspicious passengers. These teams headed by Additional Collectors Yasin Murtaza and Nayyar Shafique are also scanning and checking aircrafts while vigilance is also being kept on entry and exit of aircrafts.

Outward smuggling of foreign currency is a menace which has plagued the economy of Pakistan and often destablize the local currency causing a collateral damage.

The ill-gotten money of corrupt and criminal elements is converted into US dollars and other foreign currency and then smuggled out of Pakistan.