Customs recover Rs50 million from blanket importers

KARACHI: Customs Appraisement has recovered a sum of Rs50 million approximately from M/s Al-Imdad General Trading Corporation and M/s Al-Darwish  as the amount was short-paid/evaded through mis-declaration of PCT on import of blankets.

According to details, Deputy Collector Appraisement East Ali Aijaz had this information that state exchequer was being inflicted loss as certain elements were getting their consignments of blankets cleared from Green Channel by mis-declaring the goods as bed-sheet covers.

The blankets fall in PCT 6301.4000 and the customs values of blankets have been determined at $3.6/kg, while M/s Al-Imdad and M/s Al-Darwish mis-decalred the goods under PCT 6302.3910, which defines bed sheet covers and the customs values are $2.3/kg.

Deputy Collector Ali Aijaz shared the information with Deputy Collector Appraisement West Mariam Mehdi Raja. Both the collectorates examined a consignment and found the goods as blankets instead of bed sheet covers.

Principal Appraiser Ali Ahmed Talpur of MCC Appraisement East assisted Ali Aijaz and scrutinized past clearance record of these importers and effected a recovery of Rs29.654 million. Principal Appraiser Shafiullah assisted Mariam Mehdi Raja and scrutinized past clearance record of these importers and effected a recovery of Rs20 million approximately.

Both MCC Appraisement East and MCC Appraisement West have suspended the Green Channel status of M/s Al-Imdad and M/s Al-Darwish. Now, the consignments of these importers would be cleared through Red Channel. It is likely that these importers wold be served upon with Contravention Report.

It may be mentioned here that certain importers build-up their profile to be eligible for the Green Channel and then commit fiscal fraud mis-using the Green Channel facility.

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