SHC grants time to petitioner in Prado jeep auction paper verification case

KARACHI: A division bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Irfan Sadaat Khan and Justice Muhammad Humayun Khan on Tuesday allowed time to counsel for petitioner to go through the comments filed by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigations (DIT), Pakistan Customs.

Shahzad Zafar Khan moved the court complaining that the Custom officials are declining verification of auction documents delaying release of the vehicle confiscated for being smuggled one.

Today Masooda Siraj advocate appearing for the respondent DIT submitted that as per computer data vehicle bearing registration number BF 8920  was registered on 01-02-2016 in the name of one Muhammad Azam Jadoon.

She denied that a letter dated 8-1-2016 annexed by the petitioner is fake, manipulated and was not issued by the DIT.

She also denied receipt of a letter at DIT annexed with the petition and said petitioner has twisted the facts before the court. She while maintaining that the  alleged Custom Auction/Import Verification letter purportedly issued by the DIT is incorrect and hence the petition is liable to be dismissed.

Ms. Dil Khurran Shaheen Advocate, counsel for the petitioner in view of written comments in detail by the respondents sought time to go through the same. The bench at her request put of further hearing till Dec 20.

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