MCC Peshawar foils bid to smuggle DAP to Afghanistan

MCC Peshawar foils bid to smuggle DAP to Afghanistan

KARACHI: MCC Peshawar has foiled a bid to smuggle DAP fertilizer to Afghanistan and seized the commodity worth Rs6.0 million. Customs Staff on duty at the Zero-point of Pak-Afghan Border stopped two trailers while crossing border to Afghanistan. The trucks were apparently loaded with the household goods of Afghan repatriating family. Cursory search of the trucks revealed presence of contraband goods, therefore the trucks were brought to NLC Terminal for thorough checking/examination.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of rush at the border point, both the drivers made good their escape from the scene. The trucks were subjected to thorough checking at NLC Terminal which led to recovery of 1600 bags of DAP Fertilizer concealed beneath the household goods.

Market value of the seized goods is Rs6.0 million. Since the contraband fertilizer was attempted to be taken out of the country in the garb of Afghan repatriating family, the same was seized and FIR was lodged.

It is worth noting that these Afghan repatriating families are taking trucks load of goods to Afghanistan without even filing the Goods Declaration (GDs). All these transportation is unrecorded and undocumented. Moreover, it can not be ascertained that whatever these Afghan repatriating families are taking with them.

On the directives of Collector Qurban Ali, MCC Peshawar is keeping strict vigilance on the movement of contrabands and formed a team comprising Deputy Collector Fazli Shakoor, Superintendent Mohammad Naeem, Deputy Superintendent Mehmood-ul-Hassan, inspectors and Class-IV staff in this regard.

It may be mentioned here that a couple of months earlier, Customs seized 800 bags of DAP fertilizer, which was being smuggled to Afghanistan, however since than no claimant has appear to claim ownership of the goods and the vehicles. Sources said that floor mills in the region were involved in the smuggling of DAP. These bags are stored in their floor mills and then transported to Afghanistan. Sources said that a huge quantity of DAP fertilizer was stored in these floor mills, but the Customs did not have the authority to rais these floor mills.

Earlier, the Khasadar force was doing the job of Customs and Customs did not have much authority to execute their responsibilities. However, after military sealed the borders and installed gates, the Customs got the authority to deal with import, export as well as check smuggling. This development is reflected in the performance of the Customs.

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