WeBOC shuts down suspending import/export clearance

KARACHI: The Customs Computerized Clearing System (WeBOC) shut down throughout the country on Monday stopping all the imports clearance.

Earlier in April 2016, the system had shutdown as the storage hard discs were not replaced after completion of warranty life. The entire Storage Area Network (SAN) shut down suspending all WeBOC operations. There has been no clearance of imported consignments through WeBOC.

All the perishable goods such as medicines, vaccines etc processed through Immediate Clearance Goods (ICG) at all the airports could also not be cleared and the same were stored at sheds on the airport. Just the consignments processed through the Green Channel were cleared while the consignments through Yellow and Red Channel were not processed. Only 30 percent of consignments are cleared through the green channel.

Given the state of equipment and concerned authorities’ apathy towards this important issue, the entire WeBOC system is feared to collapse anytime.

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