Why does shifting of SBP departments to Lahore invite opposition?

Some might say that a well crafted conspiracy is at work, which may create sense of deprivation among provinces. The shifting of departments of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to Lahore has already invited strict opposition, as this plan does not make any sense and masses including the business and industrialist community does not have much confidence.

There are several theories circulating various arenas that shifting of SBP departments to Lahore would be followed by many other things to the largest populated province. A lot of small and medium enterprises, industrial units have already moved to Punjab.

Punjab is the largest province of the country and its people have always been making enormous contributions in the economic prosperity of the country, creation of a civilized society and defense of the motherland.

Development of Punjab is no doubt the development of Pakistan in itself; however opinion leaders argue that development of one province on the cost of others’ rights would create sense of deprivation among people. Such an environment would be a much sought opportunity for all anti-Pakistan international lobbies and spy agencies to break the country into pieces.

It is no secret anymore that political groups, think tanks and other quarters have their strings controlled from abroad. The idea does not seem ridiculous that these political parties/groups, think tanks duly assisted by anti-social groups could create a 1971 like situation resulting separation of provinces. Perhaps, this could be the end game.

The business community is shocked and President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Shamim Ahmed Firpo has urged the federal government to stop doing injustices with business and industrial community of Karachi and refrain from taking such anti-business steps which will surely prove to be detrimental and counterproductive for the economy keeping in view the enormous role and substantial contribution being made by Karachi in the overall economic development of Pakistan.

While expressing deep concerns over the federal government’s decision to shift four departments of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) from Karachi to Lahore, he said that this was not a fair step for the business and industrial community and for Sindh as it will deprive Sindh and keep it on the backseat which will not be acceptable to the business and industrial community of Karachi.

This is not the business community only, other circles are also not happy with this development. Balochistan is already been propagated as a deprived province while KPK also has reservations towards the federation.

Every political leader in country is accusing other of corruption and inefficiency even some are termed as traitors and on payroll of foreign spy agencies. Such a situation has created a lot of confusion among masses and confused people are easy to drive in any direction.

Pakistan is passing through a very critical phase and Pakistan is all set to embark on a journey of success and prosperity. At such a sensitive point in time, the retirement of Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif would leave the country in a very vulnerable state.

General Raheel Sharif is a man of honor and as he has clarified several time that the would not accept extension in his tenure as army chief. Legal experts are of the view that there is no need of any extension granted by Prime Minister, nor the army chief needs to accept any such offer, because the country is at war on several international and domestic fronts. Referring to constitution, legal experts suggest that In the state of emergencies, the army chief automatically gets one-year extension. It is said that the entire world is at war.

There is no doubt that General Raheel Sharif has been the most beloved army chief in the history of the country. He enjoys the trust of people of Pakistan as well as of international stakeholders. Neighboring China bringing a huge investment is quite comfortable with General Raheel Sharif.

Regardless of the opinions that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) might be contrary to the propagated blessing, Pakistan has no other choice but to accept the offer of time tested friend.

Social media has become the true scale of public opinion and its perusal suggests that the entire nation wants Raheel Sahrif in the office and it is hoped that Raheel Sharif would honor the wished of people.

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