PCA detects revenue evasion of Rs434.35 million

KARACHI: Directorate of Post Clearance Audit Karachi has detected duty/tax evasion and short payment of Rs434.35 million in the month of September 2016 by various companies and traders.

The Directorate has made remarkable performance in September 2016 and detected 42 cases involving revenue of Rs434.35 million.

PCA Karachi detected cases pertaining to short payment of customs duty and sales tax/WHT because of inadmissible concessions; short payment of anti-dumping duty, additional sales tax, FED and income tax.

During the month, PCA Karachi served 30 Audit Observations and 12 Contravention Reports on various importers for evading government revenue.

On the directives of Director Gul Rehman, Assistant Director Sajid Baloch and his team made a record performance in this month.

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