SHC allows return of differential amount deposited with Nazir

KARACHI: An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Syed Saeed-uddin Nasir on Wednesday allowed a civil miscellaneous application seeking return of money deposited by an importer with Nazir as surety towards differential amount of customs duty and taxes.

The bench was moved by H.H.Enterprises who imported Carbon Black N330. The bench earlier ordered release of the consignment after deposition of differential amount with Nazir of SHC.

Today Ilyas Ahsan, Principal Appraiser Law of Pakistan Customs submitted a statement and NOC stating that the assessment has been finalized by the departmental authorities as per Goods Declaration filed by the petitioner/applicant and surety amount may be released in favour of the applicant.

The bench after this statement ordered nazir of the SHC to return the amount after proper verification of the applicant.

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