SHC Customs appellate bench becomes learning class for lawyers

KARACHI: A bench of High Court of Sindh hearing matters including petitions, Special Customs Reference Applications (SCRA’s) or Special Tax Reference Applications (STRA’s) besides hearing cases has to take onus of guiding the lawyers to frame the questions of law.

Since many months it was observed that the questions of law particularly framed in reference applications in memo of such applications are not properly framed or do not relate to the questions of law arising out of impugned judgments of the Special Customs Appellate Tribunal or Income Tax Appellate tribunal.

This happened again on Friday when the bench dealing custom matters asked a lawyer appearing for Collector Customs and another lawyers appearing for a private company to reframe the questions of law. The questions of law shall not contain generalized questions but necessarily be framed as per impugned judgment, the bench said affording time to the lawyers to reframe/reformulate the questions of law.

The new practice shows the decreasing level of educational standard at both public and private law colleges, schools and universities.

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