CPEC: No way backwards

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is becoming important day by day as work on  this multi-billion  dollar project is proceeding at a fast pace.

While opening new vistas of development, CPEC has also attracted the attention of anti-Pakistan forces who have stepped up their activities to stall work on CPEC termed to be the “Game Changer” for the entire South East Asian region.

Analysts believe that Uri incident, in Indian Occupied Kashmir, was staged to take tension between India and Pakistan and in the region to a new height thus developing pressure on Pakistan to shelve CPEC.

The increased tension on Pak Afghan border previous month after an attack on Pakistan’s border post and desecration of Pakistan’s national flag were also linked to the CPEC instigated by a strong powerful smuggling cartel, which includes some members of the Afghan ruling coalition.

India had made huge investment in certain elements in Afghanistan, which were destabilizing Pakistan, but measures taken by the authorities such as installing gates at Pakistan border and initiating visa system, has irked India even more, as this has deprived them of a major tool.

According to independent as well as official sources smuggling particularly from Torkhum has been slashed by 80 percent and this was indeed a great achievement by authorities of the Pakistan Customs, Frontier Corps and top brass of FBR. This achievement is an irritant for anti Pakistan forces who not only spread narcotics in Pakistan but also use these points to infiltrate terrorists inside Pakistan.

The connections between the suicide bombers who attempted to attack Eid congregation at Khanpur, Shikarpur and bases in Khuzdar,  Wadh which are near CPEC road network, establishes the evil link between the forces opposed to CPEC project.

Sources privy to the development also maintain that scathing attack against Pakistan, armed forces and political rulers by some  politicians who are considered to be pro-Indian and agents of international agencies was aimed at hitting Pakistan in the belly.

One politician based in London and another claiming to the representatives of Pushtuns stabbed Pakistan in the back but the reaction from their own cadres exposed them and failed them in their nefarious design to malign Pakistan as a state sponsoring terrorism.

The prime target again was to pitch the people against Armed Forces of Pakistan and creating a situation similar to that in Indian Held Kashmir so that Pakistan could not raise the issue of Kashmir at international level.

It is worth mentioning that after CPEC, United States of America and India came closer to each another and a new block is seen emerging comprising USA, India, Afghanistan and Iran to some extent.

Interestingly another block is also in the offing comprising Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey and now of late Iran. Pakistan needs political stability to thwart all anti Pakistan activities. It is also said that China and Pakistan have entered into a pact that in case Pakistan is attacked by any country, China will come to its assistance.

Nawaz Sharif led government is now sandwiched between the China and world’s single super power. Nawaz sharif has learnt from his bitter past and is not ready to take any decision which is not liked by the armed forces of Pakistan and in this scenario issue of giving extension to General Raheel Sharif is perplexing Nazwaz Sharif.

China as per reports wishes an extension in tenure of Raheel Sharif, who is the ‘decision maker’ in view of support and actions taken by armed forces of Pakistan to secure all the routes of CPEC as well as Chinese nationals working on different CPEC and non CPEC projects.

The project is now at a critical juncture and neither China will allow any roll back nor Pakistan can afford any harm to the project which is considered to be a question of life and death and which may push Pakistan back into worst economic condition.

Nawaz Sharif has very limited options. Nawaz Sharif shall not fear any action if he rejects US pressure. If he allows extension to General Raheel Sharif there could be no threat of any misadventure by armed forces.

Experts say that even if General Raheel Sharif is not given extension in his tenure, this would make no difference as not just the General Raheel Sharif, but the entire armed forces are true patriotic and have always been serving the best interest of Pakistan and its people.

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