Petition seeking revision in customs values of footwear rejected

KARACHI: Director General Customs Valuation Syed Tanveer Ahmed has rejected the revision petition filed by footwear importer and upheld the values determined by the Valuation Ruling No.859/2016.

M/s Mariam Enterprises and M/s Noor Traders had approached the Director General seeking revision in the impugned valuation ruling.

The petitioner contended that the impugned Valuation Ruling of Shoes Slippers etc was determined unilaterally and illegally at the instance of local manufacturers and enhanced the previous determined customs values by 100 percent without hearing the applicant and other stakeholders.

The methods adopted in determining the impugned valuation ruling are quite in violation of the section 25 and 25-A of the Customs ct, 1969. The impugned valuation ruling appeared to have been issued on the basis of international prices gathered from internet sources, which is violation of section 25 and 25-A ibid.

Conversely, the department argued that it was not correct that the said ruling was issued illegally or in violation of section 25-A of the Customs Act, 1969 as the same was issued after thorough investigation and following all valuation methods.

The department explained that it is incorrect that the ruling was issued on the will of the local manufacturers. Further, the concept of fixation of value no more exists in the Customs Act, 1969, rather Customs Values are being determined and notified in terms of section 25A ibid.

They also explained that value in the said ruling has not been enhanced 100 percent without hearing the applicant and other stakeholders. The department provided two opportunities of meeting with the stakeholders and importers including trade bodies i.e. FPCCI, KCCI and Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Lahore were called for participation.

After detailed deliberation of the case, DG Syed Tanveer Ahmed concluded that the valued determined were fair and determined after exhausting all the methods. Therefore, the revision petition was rejected.

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