Karachi Customs Agents holding election on September 24, 2016

KARACHI: Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) is holding it elections for the term 2016/17 on September 24, 2016.

As many as 105 candidates have submitted their nominations for various offices. It may be mentioned here that there are two panels ‘Customs Agents Group’ and ‘Customs Agents Alliance’ contesting for the office of the association.

Nine customs agents have filed nomination papers for the office of president of the Association including Asif Sakhi, Gulzar Shah, Khurram ijaz, Mohammad Arshad jamal, Saifullah Khan, Shah Zaman, Syed Irfan Ali Rashidi, Yahya Mohammad and Liaquat jawed.

Agents contesting for the office of Senior Vice President include Mohammad Amin Essani,  Mohammad Azam Malik, Mohammad Iqbal Feroze, Saghir Ahmed Qureshi, Syed Yawar Ali, Mohammad Haseeb Mirza, Noshad Ahmed.

Agents contesting for the office of Vice President include Mohammad Iqbal Feroze, Rashid Khursheed, Saghir Shah, Saghir Ahmed Qureshi, Asadullah Shah and Mohammad Abdullah.

Candidates Assistant Vice President include Abdyul Shakeel, Amir MAnsha, Asadullah Shah, Habibuddin, Mehmmod ul Hasan Awan, Mohammad Arshad Bhatti, Mohammad Munaf Jangda, Mohammad Rashid Jamal, Mohammad Rizwan, Saghir Ahmed Qureshi.

Candidates  vying for the office of General Secretary include Arshad Khursheed, Khurram Ijaz, Mohammad Arshad Jamal, Syed Irfan Ali Rashidi, Syed Yawar Ali, Wasiq Hussain Khan, Yahya Mohammad, Zahid Bashir Chaudry.

For Joint Secretary Arshad Khursheed, Mohammad Amir, Rana Zahid Farooq, Syed Yawar Ali, Zahid Bashir Chaudry. For Information Secretary Abdul Shakeel, Akhtar Ali Sherwani, Faruukh Saleem, Gohar Mehbood, Habibuddin, Mohammad Rashid Jamal, Rafiq Shah Mashwani, Saghir Ahmed Qureshi, Sajid Hussain.

For Finance Secretary Amin ur Rashid, FArrukh Saleem, Mohammad Arshad Bhatti, Mohammad Haseeb Mirza, Mohammad Munaf Jangda, Mohammad Rashid Jamal, Mohammad Rizwan.

For Member Managing Committee Amir Butt, Altaf Nabi, Ahmed Shahzad Khan, Akhtar Ali, Aksar Shah, Shahraz Ashraf, Shaikh Irfan Hameed, Shaikh Waqas Anjum, Sheeraz Shaukat, Tariq Mehmood.

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