TP replacement: FIRs lodged against the usual culprits

KARACHI: MCC Peshawar has lodged four FIRs against M/s Iqra International Peshawar and bonded carrier/agent M/s Port Connection Pvt Ltd for defrauding exchequer of legitimate revenue by way of replacing transshipment (TP) goods during transit.

According to the details of the case, Deputy Collector Zakir Mohammad received information that certain importers were replacing the high-valued goods attracting higher duty taxes with low-valued goods attracting nominal duties during the transit of transshipment (TP) consignments.

According a team was formed headed by Superintendent Nasir Khan Afridi comprising Deputy Superintendent Amanullah and Inspector Mohammad Sharif to keep strict vigilance on import consignments.

Subsequently, certain consignments were spotted and examined as well as the details of the goods were also verified with the Bill of Lading (BL). It was confirmed that the importers M/s Iqra International and M/s Port connection Pvt Ltd, M/s Al-Wahab Enterprises and M/s E-Movers in connivance with each other mis-declared the goods as vary low value goods instead of the actual high value goods. The goods were replaced during the transit causing huge loss to the national exchequer.

As many as four FIRs have been lodged and investigations are underway. MCC Appraisement West – on the onfirmation communicated by Collector Peshawar Qurban Ali – in August 2016 lodged an FIR against directors of M/s Iqra International for attempting to clear fireworks mis-declaring the same as tiles imported from China.

It may be mentioned here that bonded carrier M/s Port Connection Pvt Ltd has also been booked in several FIRs regarding pilferage of US Army cargo. Bonded Carrier M/s E-Movers is also named in cases pertaining to the pilferage of Afghan Transit cargo.

TP replacement has been a menace plaguing the country’s economy. Goods are imported from Dubai and goods mentioned in the IGM are under vague descriptions. These consignments are then moved to dry ports and the goods being high value are replaced with lower value goods during transit. The pilfered goods are then distributed among the actual buyers, basically shop owners.

It may be mentioned here that these carriers book orders on ‘done basis’ with the buyers and then the goods are delivered to them at their places. MCC Peshawar has found around 1,000 TP containers, which were pilfered during the transit.

Sources said that one Ayub Jan s/o Mohammad Israil is the main culprit behind the entire TP replacement scam and it is said that most of the consignment which are pilfered during the transit are basically Ayub Jan’s consignments and are imported in the name of just paper-companies. Ayub Jan is in the custody of MCC Preventive, Karachi and he was arrested in Peshawar for his involvement in the smuggling of liquor and explosive materials.

Collector Peshawar Qurban Ali has nominated three officials including Mohammad Nazim Ali Shah, Abdul Jalil and Arshad Hilali as investigation officers (IOs) to detail the case.

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