SHC quashes ban on screening of film ‘Malik’

KARACHI: A division bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) Tuesday quashed a notification issued by the Federal government which placed a ban on screening of the film “Malik” as it contained scenes depicting political figures in a negative manner.

The bench headed by Chief Justice SHC Justice Sajjad Ali Shah reserved the judgment after hearing arguments in detail by Dr. Faroogh Naseem and Deputy Attorney General for Pakistan.

The bench in its judgment spreading over 22 pages held that after 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Federal government has no role in regulating the entertainment industry and the powers have been devolved to the provincial governments.

The bench also held that order was passed wrongly with mala fide intentions and without proper application of mind. The bench said that as the order passed violated the basic principle of “natural justice” it is quashed being illegal and void.

The film was produced and directed by an Ex-Customs officer Ashir Azeem.

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