Appraising officers association prepares for elections after six years

KARACHI: The office bearers of Pakistan Customs Appraising Officers Association have invited all the members of the association to prepare for the elections of the association.

In a joint statement Senior Vice President Shafiullah, General Secretary Raja Waseem Ahmed, Information Secretary Sardar Amin Farooqui and Rashid Khanzada said the association was practically non-functional for the last couple of years as several office bearers had retired.

The association needs to be an active platform, and the elections for the governing body and office bearers of the association was the need of hour.

President of Association Javed Raza, Vice president Kausar Hussain, Auditor Islam Jan Marwat and executive member Shabbir Bukhari have retired while executive member Mukhtiar Shaikh is promoted to Assistant Collector.

The office bearers have asked the members to form panels so that a proper democratic practice could be adopted. The association has not held elections in the last six years. Last election were held in 2009 and the elected include President Javed Raza, Senior Vice President Shafiullah, Vice President Kausar Hussain, General Secretary Raja Wasim Ahmed, Joint Secretary M. Qasim Shaikh, Information Secretary Sardar Amin Farooqui, Finance Secretary Ahmed Nawaz, Auditor Islam Jan. Executive members included Mukhtiar ali Shaikh, Aurngzaib KAtpar, Muzaffar abbasi, Shabbir Bukhari, Rashid Khanzada, Rana Islam Rabbani, Shahid Ibrahim Dasti and Syed Azam Shah.

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