Senate Committee appreciates FBR

KARACHI: Senate Standing Committee on Finance has praised the working of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and advised him to completely eliminate corruption in the FBR.

Chairman FBR Nisar Mohammad Khan informed the committee headed by Senator Saleem Mandviwala that FBR collected Rs3.13 trillion last fiscal. Chairman FBR also informed that as many as 700 new vacancies in the FBR would be filled through FPSC.

Saleem Mandviwala advised Nisar Mohammad Khan to make their system more effective to broaden the tax net.

It may be mentioned here that tax authorities had to fold a raid conducted on Mandviwala Entertainment Pvt LTd in Karachi the other day. Mandviwala Entertainment is owned by Nadeem Mandviwala, brother of Saleem Mandviwala.

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