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I&I-IR folds raid on M/s Mandviwala Entertainment

KARACHI: The Directorate 8th Intelligence & Investigation Inland Revenue (I&I-IR) filed it's raid on the office of M/s Mandviwala Entertainment Pvt Ltd due to political pressure.

A team comprising 22 officers/officials had collected evidence regarding the tax evasion by M/s Mandviwala Entertainment Pvt Ltd, which is the holding company of Atrium Cinema in Karachi and Centaurus cinema in Islamabad.

The I&I team had the authority letter as well as the search warrants, however Director General Khawaja Tanveer reportedly succumbed to the pressure and called off the raid, as the entertainment company is owned by Nadeem Mandviwala who is the brother of Saleem Mandviwala, chairman senate standing committee on finance.

Senator Mandviwala reached the Atrium center in sadder and used his influence and obstructed the officials in executing their duty.

Khawaja Tanveer however called off the raid. 112

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