Revision petition against Valuation Ruling No.848/2016 rejected

KARACHI: The director general customs valuation Syed Tanveer Ahmed has rejected the revision petition filed by importers including M/s A.R.G Enterprises and maintained the values determined by Valuation Ruling No.848/2016.

Importers submitted that the impugned valuation Ruling enhanced the values of Toothpaste and Shaving Foam/Gel unilaterally and illegally.

The impugned Valuation Ruling has fixed the customs values at $ 1.50 and $ 2.10 respectively per KG illegally and unilaterally. It is pertinent to mention here that as per the superseded Valuation Ruling No.813/2016, the value of the Toothpaste and Shaving Foam/Gel was determined at $1.00 and $1.339 per KG respectively and the determination of the value was made after giving hearing to all the stakeholders and the same was accepted to all stakeholders including the local manufacturers.

However, the impugned valuation ruling 848/2016 has been issued unilaterally and without hearing the stakeholders.

Directorate of customs valuation submitted that the valuation ruling was correctly and lawfully revised after giving hearing opportunity to all Stakeholders / Importers. The inputs during meeting from the participants to determine the customs value and place the goods/brands in accordance to their value i.e. high value, medium value and low end brands were taken into consideration.

The department further stated that all valuation methods were properly exhausted sequentially to address the valuation issue in hand and reasons for rejection of the same have also been clearly mentioned in the ruling.

 Consequently, the valuation ruling was issued after examining the import data, online prices from international websites and by analyzing all the gathered information.

After detailed deliberation, Director General upheld the Valuation Ruling No.848/2016 and rejected the petition.

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