Director General Valuation revises Valuation Ruling No.881/2016

KARACHI: The director general customs valuation Syed Tanveer Ahmed has revised the Valuation Ruling No.881/2016 thus amending the customs values of sofa/curtain cloth.

Importers including M/s A.S & Company and others contended that the values of all sofa/curtain cloth has been fixed on $6.80/kg. They claimed 1.75 to 2.00 meter cloth is equal to 01 kg. This means all types of cloth mentioned in the subject valuation ruling are fixed at Rs.700/meter after paying duty and taxes, which is not the fair valuation for different types of woven furnishing fabric for sofa and curtain.

According to them the value of polyester yam is around $1.50 to $1.75/kg and polyester cloth is not more than $3.5/kg. The cloth which includes viscose, silk, cotton and linen are much expensive. The cloth used in sofa and curtain sets of low category used by lower and middle class of society is found to be around Rs.250 to Rs.400 per meter in the market.

After hearing both sides and deliberating on the details, Director General noted  the plea of the importer is found genuine. All types of sofa cloth cannot be uniformly assessed at Rs.700/meter. The polyester cloth should be assessed at lower rate whereas the cloth which includes or blended with cotton, silk, viscose and linen are much higher and ranges from Rs1000 to Rs2500 meter and should accordingly be assessed.

Director General has amended the Valuation Ruling No. 881/2016.

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