R&D Appraisement East recovers Rs23.8 million in four months

KARACHI: R&D Section of MCC Appraisement East has made exemplary performance and detected revenue leakage and recovery thereof to Collector Ashad Jawwad.

The R&D Section MCC Appraisement East led by Principal Appraiser Ibrahim Khan detected  several cases of revenue evasion and recovered an amount of Rs23.80 million during May-August 2016.

This amount was evaded through claiming inadmissible benefit of concessionary SROs, mis-declaration and under invoicing on the imports of various goods including switch boards, palm fatty acid oil, welded pipes, blankets, chemicals etc.

R&D Section comprising Principal Appraiser Ibrahim Khan, Preventive Officer Malik Mohammad Hashim, Appraising Officers Qadeer Khan, Mohammad Azam Shah and FO Adil Rasheed.

It may be mentioned here that Principal Appraiser in view of his exemplary performance at MCC Appraisement East is given the charge of R&D MCC Port Qasim.

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