MQF offers services for the protection and security of CPEC

KARACHI: Muttahida Qabail Federation (MQF) has offered their services and support to the government of Pakistan to provide security and protection to China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC).

MQF is an alliance of tribes in Balochistan comprising 5,000 members. President MQF Abdul Qayyum Sabri has extended all cooperation to the government agencies in respect of information gathering and intelligence pertaining to suspicious and terrorist elements in Balochistan.

Sabri heads the tribe located in District Zhob and they control an area including 70 KM of Afghan transit trade. Since all transport to and from Afghanistan via Chaman border commutes 70KM in their area, they keep vigilance on every movement within their tribal jurisdiction.

Sabri said without the permission of tribal heads including Sardars and Nawabs, nothing can pass through their respective areas.

President MQF suggested that the military leadership must bind tribal leaders to share all information with the respective agencies. These leaders could be held responsible for the presence of any comprisable elements in their area.

He said the network of intelligence agencies was not fool proof and there were elements in their network who were involved in smuggling and harboring fugitives.

KPK shares 1200KM long border with Afghanistan and Balochistan also share 1200 KM border with Afghanistan. The gates and check posts erected by the authorities to guard such a long border was quite insufficient. Tribes however can help.

He said that CPEC was a game changing opportunity and the political government as well as military leadership are on the same page and making this dream come true.

He said that Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif has made unprecedented effort for the betterment of country and prosperity of its people.

He said Prime Minister also was evincing the same passion which he displayed at the time of Pakistan becoming nuclear power.

He said India was behind all the unrest in the country and added that Afghan nationals which are being sent back to their country from Pakistan are being used by Indian agencies to use them against Pakistan.

Sabri has advised two other leaders including Malak Akbar Khan and Malak Haji Abdul Kareem to share all information about any suspicious activity with the security agencies in their area.

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