Light white oil correctly classifiable under PCT 2710.1250

KARACHI: Chairman Classification Committee Additional Collector Haris Ansari has made a ruling that ‘light white oil Farol 100’ is appropriately classifiable under PCT 2710.1250, keeping in view it is a solvent of non-composite nature.

MCC Appraisement (East) sent a reference to the Classification Committee for determination of correct classification of “Light White Oil Farol-100” imported by M/s AA Industries from UAE.

The goods were declared under PCT Heading 2710.1250 (i.e. —Solvent oil (non-composite)), whereas; the same was assessed provisionally under PCT Heading 2710.1290 (i.e. —Other) by the Collectorate.

The matter was taken up by the Classification Committee and Chairman of the Committee after due deliberation ruled that the product was correctly classifiable under PCT 2710.1250.

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