DG I&I appreciates performance of Directorate I&I Enforcement Karachi

KARACHI: The Director of Customs Intelligence & Investigation (Enforcement Karachi) Yaqoob Mako gave a presentation to Director General I&I Imtiaz Ahmed Khan regarding directorate’s performance, measures taken as well as issues and problems.

Yaqoob Mako informed that Directorate made 43 seizure cases involving revenue of Rs28.91 million during April-July 2016 as compared with 11 seizure cases involving revenue of Rs16.85 million during the same period in 2015.

Moreover, Directorate made 37 contravention cases involving revenue of Rs232.227 million during April-July 2016 as compared with 09 seizure cases involving revenue of Rs120.6 million during the same period in 2015.

He said Directorate I&I Enforcement Karachi detected scores of duty/tax evasion cases by importers of tyres and tubes, plastic toys, iron & steel, chemicals, wood & timber and navigation systems etc involving duty/taxes of millions rupees. A significant amount is recovered and several cases are under adjudication.

Directorate detected mis-declaration of description and PCT of polymethylene Polhphenylene Isocyanate (Polymeric MDI) which is chargeable to customs duty of 20 percent under PCT 3909.3000. The product was being cleared under PCT 3824.9091 chargeable to 5.0 percent customs duty.

Consignments of reputed industrial concerns including ICI, PEL, Dawlance, Uniter Refrigeration, Ice Age Industries and Master Offisys were detained and examined and cases were made.

Director Mako informed that 08 contravention cases for recovery of Rs13.964 million were made during the period April-July 2016.

Mako informed that after detection of mis-declaration, an extra revenue to the tune of Rs250 million was collected by collectorates against PCT 3909.3000 during April-July 2016 as compared to Rs2.3 million in the same period last year.

Director General was informed that 34.05 tons of poppy seed was also seized which was attempted to be exported under garb of sea salt to Malaysia by M/s Shah Plastic and agent M/s Dejay International. Moreover, Indian origin fabric being imported in violation of import policy was also seized and case was made.

Director I&I apprised the Director General about the issues and problems facing enforcement operations including unavailability of office space, shortage of staff, vehicles and budget; and also discussed jurisdiction related issues.

The future strategy if Customs I&I Enforcement Karachi include access to integrated IR data base to verify filers/non-filers companies for purpose of collecting withholding tax at import stage; activation of ITMS/SMART to check importers further activity in sales tax regime with reference to import concessions; allocation of special funds for informers and provision of NADRA verification system.

Directorate of Customs I&I Karachi also plans image building of intelligence through public awareness programs to develop a reliable network of information.

Imtiaz Ahmed Khan appreciated the Directorate and appreciated their performance. Additional Director Farrukh Sajjad, Deputy Directors Amjad Rajpar and Tauseef Gorchani were also present on the occasion.

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