SHC disposes of SCRA, declares penalty illegal

KARACHI: An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Abdul Malik Gaddi on Monday disposed of a Special Customs Reference Application (SCRA) declaring the imposition of penalty as illegal.

The bench earlier heard Ms Dil Khurram Shaheen advocate who maintained that her clients Shahid Hussain and Muhammad Hussain were intercepted at the Jinnah Airport terminal  and checked. The were found in possession of lap tops, Digital cameras etc. A show cause notice was issued to them and later they were asked to pay the custom duty, taxes, fine besides a penalty of rupees 300000 and 400000 each.

The counsel referring to the section 17 of the Baggage Rules submitted that imposition of penalty on applicants is illegal.

The bench also heard Haider Sheikh advocate, counsel for Pakistan Customs. The bench after hearing the sides disposed of the SCRA holding that imposition of penalty was in excess of jurisdiction and rules and therefore is remitted.

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