Vacuum flasks importers’ revision petition rejected

KARACHI:  The Director General Customs Valuation Syed Tanveer ahmed has rejected the petition of vacuum flasks importers against Valuation Ruling No.864/2016.

The importers including M/s NFS Traders and others of the view that a stereotyped statement has been made in the impugned valuation ruling, whereas neither Vacuum Flasks has been increased in the international market nor there was any requirement for determination of such enhanced value.

The participation of the stakeholders has also been wrongly mentioned, whereas neither the applicant nor the stakeholders from general business circle were intimated before the determination.

They maintained that no classification/recognition has been given regarding the difference between the steel & GP sheets and consequently the concerned officials exploit the importers by complicating the issue of steel & GP sheets for their personal interest and decisions are made at the sweet will of the concerned officials.

The Directorate of Customs Valuation stated that the stakeholders were requested to furnish invoices of imports, copies of contracts/LCs & copies sales tax invoices for the last three / four months but none of the importer submitted the documents before and after the meetings although the importers pleaded that the prices of Vacuum Flasks slightly decreased in the international market.

After detailed deliberations, Director General noted  without disclosing full and accurate details relating to the value of imported goods for determination even at the time of filing of Revision Petition in absence of documents is not justified.

International prices were checked. Market inquiry also revealed that these are average values and fair. Assessment of all types of flasks cannot be made on the lower value and on lower quality. Hence the petition merits no consideration and is accordingly rejected.

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