Custom issues Valuation Ruling for Hair Accessories

KARACHI: The Director General, Customs valuation issued Valuation Ruling (VR 905 of 2016) to determine the custom values of “Hair Accessories” of Low end brands.

It said that previous VR 902 was issued in 2012, almost four years back and therefore it needed revision in line with the prevailing prices in the international market. A proper and full scale exercise was carried out as per requirement of section 25-A of the Customs Act 1969 by taking all stakeholders into confidence and ensuring their participation besides market survey and other methods applicable and mandatory.

The item was described as Hair Accessories made of Plastic/Ordinary Iron (excluding stainless steel) and Fancy Hair Accessories made of Electroplated steel (low end brands only). These are to classified under PCT Code 9615.1100.1000 to 9615.9090. The C&F value for these item depending on origin including China, Middle East, Far East and others  ranging from US $ 3.1 per kilogram to US $ 10 per kilogram.

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