Several PCS officers retiring in next five years

KARACHI: A large number of senior officers of Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) are retiring in the next five years, which would create vacancies for junior officers to be upgraded in senior grades.

According to details available with, Grade-22 officer of PCS, Amir Khan Marwat would retire in November 2016; another Grade-22 officer Nisar Mohammad Khan is retiring in January 2017.

It may be mentioned that whenever situations in BS-22 are vacant the Central Selection Board (CSB) is convened to consider the promotions. According to law CSB is supposed to be convened twice a year for nominating the BS-20 officers in Bs-21, but the Board is convened once a year or sometimes once in two years.

Moreover, a number of BS-21 officers of PCS are retiring in the next five years. As per the seniority list, officers of BS-21 retiring in the next five years include Ghulam Ahmed retiring in March 2017; Rozi Khan Burki is retiring in June 2018; Khalid Mahmood is retiring in April 2017; Nasir Masroor is retiring in September 2017; Ms. Rubina Akhtar is retiring in June 2018; Shaukat Ali is retiring in August 2019; Ms. Rubina Wasti is retiring in August 2017; Ms. Samaira Nazir Khan is retiring in July 2018; Junaid Akran retires in October 2017 and Ms. Sarwat Tahira Habib is set to retire in December 2020.

Other officers of BS-21 and BS-20 retiring in the next five years include Khawaja Umar Mehdi in  November 2016, Zahoor Akhtar Raja in December 2016 and Imtiaz Ahmed Khan retiring in October 2016; Wahid Khursheed Kanwar in May, Mohammad Ibrahim Vighio in June, Tausif Ahmed Qureshi in October, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Kazmi in July and Mohammad Nasir Khan is retiring in November 2017.

Officers retiring in 2018 include Khawar Farid Maneka, Naeem Ajaz Qureshi and Imran Tariq in June, Mohammad Saleem in January and Akhlaq Ahmed Khattak is retiring in April 2018.

Officers retiring in 2019 include Tanveer Ahmed, Amer Ahmed in March, Manzoor Memon in February, Zulfiqar Ahmed Malik in June, Saud Imran in November and Agha Shahid Majeed in June 2016. Officers retiring in 2020 include Fazal Yazdani Khan retiring, Sarfaraz Ahmed Warraich in January, Jawwad Owais Agha in February, Asif Marghoob Siddiqui in August and Arsalan Subuctageen in July 2020. Officers retiring in 2021 include Muhammad Zahid, Javed Ghani in April, Saleem Ranjha in January, Raja Tahir Majeed in May, Wasif Ali Memon in January, Naeem Khan in September and Qurban Ali Shah in March 2021.

Abdul Rasheed Shaikh in December 2022 and Ziauddin Wazir will retire in March 2022, Ms. Zeba Hai Azhar will retire in September 2024 Surayya Ahmed Butt in October 2024, Tariq Huda will retire in December 2025 and Mukarram Jah Ansari is set to retire in May 2029.

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