MCC Islamabad seizes 1.1kg refined sugar

MCC Islamabad seizes 1.1kg refined heroin

KARACHI: MCC Islamabad has seized 1.1kg of refined heroin worth Rs20 million and arrested one passenger.

Islamabad Customs Staff , in continuation of its outstanding performance, seized 1.1 Kg of crystal Ice (Refined and Purified Heroin) from a Saudi  bound passenger who has been arrested and FIR is lodged.

The accused Abdul Aziz belongs to Sargodha and was carrying the Ice to Riyadh KSA, in a pack of TANG artfully concealed underneath the juice powder.

The accused had cleared from ASF and ANF checking but he was caught by the Customs. It was learnt that the accomplices of the accused were also on the airport and Customs authorities have already made significant progress into the case.

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