Taxpayers not getting exemption certificates

Taxpayers not getting exemption certificates

KARACHI: Taxpayers are facing severe in respect of the Tax Year 2017 i.e year ending June 30, 2017.

Karachi Tax Bar Association in a letter to chief commissioners of Regional Tax Office (RTO)-I, II & III noted that they were receiving various queries from bar members in respect of various departmental jurisdictions as the department are either not issuing the certificates or delaying the Exemption Certificates due to the sole reason that their Jurisdiction will be changed w.e.f. 01 August, 2016.

Bar noted that change in jurisdiction will take place and is effective from August 01, 2016 in which almost a week is left and this is not a valid reason for not issuing the certificates because currently the power and the jurisdiction lies with them until July 31, 2016.

Bar requested the Chief Commissioners to indulge into the matter for this urgent issue of Exemption Certificates which is the legal right of the genuine taxpayer who is regularly contributing into the exchequer and taxpayer should be facilitated on prompt basis to create a trust between the taxpayer and the tax collector.

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