MCC Appraisement East reassigns officers

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has reassigned work amongst additional collector, deputy/assistant collectors.

Additional Collector-I Azhar Merchant would look after affairs at headquarters, R&D, MIS, Group-V, VI, VII, VIII, User-ID, facilitation section, refunds, One-Customs, FTA Cell, PRV Cell, Audit (internal & external) and laboratory.

Additional Collector-II Muhammad Haris Ansari is assigned Group-I, II, III, IV, Law, FTO, classification committee, warehousing, Securities and DTRE.

Additional Collector-III Muteen Alam is assigned examination and auction at all wharves/off-dock terminals, inter-port movement, transit & transshipments, recovery, MCD and adjudication.

Deputy Collector Rizwan Mehmoud is assigned Group-II, R&D, One Customs Classification Committee. Deputy Collector Zubair Shah is assigned Group-III and User-ID. Deputy Collector Ather Navecd  is assigned Group-IV. Deputy Collector Zehra Tahir Naqvi is assigned Pak Shaheen (Examination & Auction) and PRV. Deputy Collector Iqbal Memon is assigned  Group-I, Warehousing, Adjudication (DC Level). Deputy Collector Sanam Qureshi is assigned Group-VII, Headquarters, Audit (Internal & External).

Assistant Collector Hina Gul is assigned Group-V, Recovery, Law and FTO. Assistant Collector Jam Imran is assigned Group-VI, Group-VIII and MIS. Assistant Collector Shah Faisal Sahu is assigned NLCCT (Examination & Auction) Inter-port movement. Assistant Collector Omar Bin Zafar Chattha is assigned Securities, Laboratory, DTRE, Refund, Adjudication (AC Level), FTA Cell, Facilitation & Co-ordination.

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