Sales tax registration blacklisted

Sales tax registration blacklisted

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has blacklisted sales tax registration of three companies as they failed to file their sales tax returns in past many years.

The Regional Tax Office (RTO)-III Karachi has blacklisted sales tax registration of M/s STFA Marien Constrvction Co., M/s Al Syed International, M/s Zakson Links  and M/s Aelya Exporting Devices.

Database Administrator of Inland Revenue RTO-III Karachi has communicated to all Customs that the above mentioned companies are consecutive non-filer of monthly sales tax return and did not file returns since long.

As these companies failed to respond to Show Cause Notices, therefore the authorities blacklisted their sales tax registration.

Moreover, RTO Islamabad suspended the sales tax registration of M/s SKY Enterprises as the company was found involved in making substantial purchases from and making substantial supplies to blacklisted/suspended persons.

Meanwhile, RTO Quetta has restored sales tax registration of M/s Rehman Marketing Enterprises and M/s SBS Enterprises. Their registration was suspended due to non-filing of returns, but the companies filed the returns of past period as well as paid the penalty.

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