Directorate General of Transit trade enhances monitoring of transit cargo

Directorate General of Transit trade enhances monitoring of transit cargo

KARACHI: Director General Transit Trade Muhammad Javed Ghani held a meeting with regional directors and advised the formation to enhance monitoring of transit cargo at exit and entry stations. The meeting also decided to attend liquidation of T-1s on priority.

The meeting chaired by Muhammad Javed Ghani was attended by Director Quetta Pervez Esbahani, Director Karachi Wajid Ali, Additional Director Peshawar Amjad-ur-Rehman, Additional Director Karchi Mona Mahfooz, Deputy director Fazal Dad Chaudry and Assistant Director Karachi Saher Yasir.

DG emphasized upon the need for enhanced coordination between entry and exit transit stations for reexamination of suspected/selected consignments.

DG expressed satisfaction on the progress of liquidation of pendency of T-1 certificates relating to WeBOC. It was however observed that the historical pendency of T-1 certificates relating to One Customs was a matter of importance and needed to be addressed on priority.

A three member committee comprising of Additional Directors of Directorates of Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar, under the chairmanship of Director Transit Trade, Karachi is constituted to review the pending T-1s data and suggest proposals for necessary action, legal changes if required, within fifteen days of its constitution.

Re-examination of selective suspected consignments will be done by the Directorates of Transit Trade, Peshawar/Quetta at exit stations to eliminate chance of any pilferage during transit.

Directorate of Transit Trade, Karachi is also selecting consignments on the basis of risk parameters for examination/re-examination on arrival at Exit Stations and information in this regard is sent to Directorate of Quetta and Peshawar on regular basis.

Exit Directorates are advised to monitor the transit time and explanation of the bonded carrier and examination of cargo be done in cases of inordinate delays.

The legal position regarding change of drivers by the bonded carriers is being examined and the drivers data/information is being streamlined.

It was further decided that the Customs Rules regarding movement of only perishable export transit cargo in open trucks be implemented in letter and spirit.

Directorates of Transit Trade, Quetta and Peshawar are advised to ensure uploading of images and proper examination report for reverse cargo consignments.

It may be mentioned here that the Directorate General of Transit Trade has been quite instrumental in eliminating smuggling, and in last two years there has been a significant impact, which is reflected in the revenue collection numbers as well as in the import trend.

Director Karachi Wajid Ali is also keeping check on the details regarding imports through transit trade.

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