FIA’s case against customs officials raises questions of law

FIA’s case against customs officials raises questions of law

KARACHI: FIA Quetta has registered case against the customs officers in the Vehicle Amnesty Scheme 2013, which the legal experts suggest to be without fulfilling mandatory requirement provided under section 217 of the Customs Act 1969, which requires any agency to seek Board's permission for initiation of any proceedings against Customs officers.

Besides, the adjudication proceedings in the Amnesty Scheme cases have also attained finality under section 195 of the said Act.

The investigations are based on less than admissible evidence as the webmaster of the website whose screen shots were taken for forming evidence has denied the quality data displayed on

The officers who have worked day and night to regularize over 55000 vehicles in a short span of only 15 days earning substantial revenue for the country have already disputed the sanctity of the evidences. has received the copy of FIR lodged by FIA Quetta, which has booked Inspectors of MCC Quetta including Tanveer Hassan/Ibn-e-Hassan, Muhammad Zakria s/o Muhammad Musa and Muhammad Asif s/o Haji Mohammad Zaman; clearing agent Hassan and importer of the impugned vehicles Abdul Hameed s/o Abdul Majeed.

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