Pak Army did it again

Pak Army did it again

KARACHI: Pakistan Army successfully recovered Barrister Owais Ali Shah, son of Chief Justice Sindh, Syed Sajjad Ali Shah  almost a month after he was abducted from a super store in posh Clifton area.

Owais Shah’s abduction was a well planned act as the abductors used a car having registration number issued to Sindh Police and a vehicle in use of a senior officer bears the same number. The eye witnesses and others at the super mart did informed the police within minutes of the incident by making a call at Police Helplined Madadgar 15 but no one took the information seriously as it was generally believed that some cops in plain clothes have taken into a custody a man wanted by them. It is routine affair in Karachi as police used to arrest people at will despite standing instructions that policemen will operate in unform only.

The lethargic response by the police ended after four hours when the family of the Chief Justice alerted the police that Barrister Owais Shah has been kidnapped. The initial few hours  were  enough for the kidnappers to fled away with kidnapped victim as the escape route  was also defined. The high profile kidnapping sent the message to every one that Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular is a place where even the son of Chief Justice (or family) is not safe.

The Sindh Police chief, Chief Minister Sindh and others kept claiming that as all exit and entry points into Karachi city were sealed within few hours after the incident, abductors have failed in removing the victim. They kept  claiming every now and then that they have found clues and

However one force was working hard, silently but vigorously. Yes, It was Pakistan Army. This fact was disclosed today by none else but Chief Justice Sindh Syed Sajjad Ali Shah who told the media that from the day one. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif was in contact with him and has assured him that he will personally supervise the operation to recover his son safe and sound. The Director General ISI then kept the Chief Justice informed of development on daily basis. I received a call from COAS a 3 a.m who informed me of safe recovery of my son. He was awake and along with DG ISI was supervising the entire rescue operation. DG, ISPR  in a press briefing told media that a car was under surveillance since three days and it was stopped at a check post where an Army sharp shooter neutralized the driver. The other two occupants tried to escape away firing at the troops but were gunned down by Army’s sharp shooters. Owais Shah was recovered clad in a burqa with hands tied, iron chain in a leg and with tape on the mouth. As soon as security operatives reach him he disclosed his identity.There was no word from the civil administration and worthy Federal Interior Minister that where the Sindh and Pubjab police were, when the kidnappers allegedly belonging to a splinter group of Tehreek-e-Taliban travelled by road from Karachi to Balochistan and attempted to enter into Punjab but met their fate on Zhob ( Balochistan), Tank Road.

All governments including Sindh, Balochistan and KPK claimed to have sealed all the entry and exit points but kidnappers moved easily with the victim despite strictest ever alert.

The remarkable task performed by the Pak Army and its Special Team once again showed the difference and armed forces resolve to eliminate terrorism and terrorists. The motive behind the high profile murder was stated to  terrorize people, dent the successes gained in Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

The COAS and DG ISI reminded us of pious caliphs who were used to roam the city streets at night to remain informed about problems faced by commoners, solve the same and never telling them that who they were who brought solace and helped them in their hour of need.

The civil and political leadership also proved that they have other priorities and even high profile abduction was not important for them making the people to think about the ability of the civil administration to govern this country.

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