Officials accused of abusing vehicles amnesty scheme seek bail

Officials accused of abusing vehicles amnesty scheme seek bail

KARACHI: The proceedings in the case wherein two Inspectors of MCC Quetta were arrested under the charges of abusing vehicles amnesty scheme 2013 are moving forward as the arrested officials are due in court on Thursday to seek bail.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Karachi had arrested two customs officials of MCC Quetta for abusing the ‘vehicles amnesty scheme’ launched in March 2013, while three more officials of MCC Quetta were booked as absconders in the FIR lodged against five of them.

According to the case made by FIA, these officials cleared vehicles under the amnesty, which were not even physically present in the country. FIR lodged pertains to two Toyota Land Cruisers. FIA was of the view that the vehicles cleared on 26-03-2013 were put on a Japanese auction site ‘Jpcenter’ on 27-3-2013 and the photos of same vehicles were posted on the website.

However, Collector Saeed Jadoon approached Director FIA Qayyum Qadir and explained that the data on the said website was not authentic. He informed the FIA that MCC Quetta had already verified with the admin of the website ‘Jpcenter’, who confirmed that the data on website was not authentic or properly updated.

Jadoon further explained that the said vehicles were present at the NLC dry port and were physically out-of-charge by a Colonel at NLC, who inspected the release documents, receipts of payment to NLC before handing over the physical possession of the vehicles.

It is expected the importer and clearing agents of said vehicles would also approach court for pre-arrest bail.

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