PPL announces discovery at Hadi X-1A, Gambat South Block

PPL announces discovery at Hadi X-1A, Gambat South Block

KARACHI: Pakistan Petroleum Limited the operator of Gambat South Block with 65 percent working interest (WI) along with its joint venture partners, Government Holdings Private Limited and Asia Resources Oil Limited with 25 percent and 10 percent WI, respectively has announced a gas discovery at its exploration well Hadi X-1A located in District Sanghar, Sindh.

Hadi X-1A was spud on February 5, 2016 and reached the final depth of 4,020 meters on April 19, 2016. Based on wireline logs interpretation, potential hydrocarbon bearing zones were identified in Sembar Formation. During initial testing in Sembar Formation immeasurable amount of gas flowed at the surface for three days and reservoir appeared to be tight.

To further evaluate tight gas potential Frac job was conducted after which flow rates improved significantly. The well flowed at 0.85 MMscfd gas at 32/64 inches choke size, thus confirming the presence of natural gas at Hadi X-1A.

Post Frac results suggest that it is a tight gas discovery. However, further evaluation is required to determine the size and commerciality of the discovery, based on post well studies and its integration with geological, geophysical and engineering data collected during drilling and testing of the well.

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