Customs anti-smuggling campaign results in revenue collection

Customs anti-smuggling campaign results in revenue collection surpassing targets

KARACHI: Customs Enforcement South headed by Chief Collector Mohammad Zahid Khokhar has been quite instrumental against the FBR’s anti-smuggling campaign, which is reflected in the revenue collection surpassing all targets.

This massive tax collection has been made possible due to increased checks on clearances at Customs stations, re-invigorated enforcement efforts with FC Baluchistan and law enforcement agencies, strengthening of Customs Check Posts, speedy disposal of seized goods and vehicles through auctions.

Concerted anti-smuggling efforts discouraged illicit trade, hence legal import attracting duty/taxes increased.

Collector MCC Quetta Saeed Khan Jadoon and Collector MCC Gwadar Saeed Akram have cracked down the influx of non-duty paid smuggled goods from Afghanistan and Iran.

MCC Quetta has surpassed the assigned revenue target for fiscal year 2015-16. The MCC, Quetta was assigned target of Rs7.321 billion for fiscal year 2015-16 and it has successfully exceeded the assigned target by collecting revenue of Rs14.163 billion, which is almost 100 percent increase over the given target.

The assigned target for customs duty was Rs.1.541 billion whereas MCC, Quetta collected Customs duty of Rs4.474 billion. Similarly Sales Tax target was Rs4.797 billion but Rs7.122 billion Sales Tax was collected during the year. It may be mentioned here that MCC Quetta had collected revenue of Rs6.97 billion in 2014-15.

This phenomenal revenue collection continued throughout the fiscal 2015-16 but June 2016 saw extraordinary collection of Rs.2 billion. This unprecedented revenue collection will set a new trend and will promote tax culture in the province.

Needless to mention that Rs.1.2 billion were realized on account of disposal of seized goods / vehicles in the outgoing fiscal year. Deputy Collector ASO Amanullah Tareen has been quite efficient against smuggling.

New customs check-posts have been established at Bolan & Manikhaw ( District Sherani) to check movement of smuggled goods going out of the province.

Concerted anti-smuggling efforts led to the impounding of 636 Non-duty paid vehicles, 528 vehicles used in the offence of smuggling, seizures of more than 3 million litres of smuggled Iranian diesel, besides other miscellaneous goods. Worth of seized goods comes to Rs2.0 billion, which is a record.

Besides, MCC Quetta made seizures of narcotics including hashish, crystal and whisky. 7565 kgs  hashish (Charas) were seized during fiscal year 2015-2016.

The foundation stone of ‘Pakistan Gate” at Pak-Iran border was laid in June 2016 by Collector Saeed Khan Jadoon to curb illegal trade and to better manage border issues. In addition, land was purchased for Customs Check Posts Lakpass, Surab, Dalbandin, Rakhni and  Taftan, where 10 acres customs bonded warehouse is planned to be constructed.

MCC Gwadar led by Collector Saeed Akram has also exceeded revenue collection target of Customs Duty by 203 percent during the Financial Year 2015-16. Total target of Customs Duty for MCC Gwadar from July 2015 to June 2016 was Rs1.654 billion and collection against this target stood at Rs5.009 billion.

MCC Gwadar has not only massively surpassed revenue collection target of Customs Duties but the total target of all duties and taxes allocated to this Collectorate have also been surpassed due to the untiring efforts of officers and officials of the Collectorate under the guidance of Collector Saeed Akram.

Combined target of the Collectorate of all taxes during the outgoing financial year was Rs19.483 million and taxes collected against this target stood at Rs30.656 million which is a record.

The anti-smuggling wing of the MCC Gwadar also seized more than 3.2 million liters of smuggled high speed diesel (HSO) during this period. Among others 7630 bottles of liquor, 10594 cans of beer and 1388 kgs of narcotics were also seized by MCC Gwadar during the financial year ended on June 30, 2016.

Customs Enforcement also made concerted anti-smuggling efforts in Karachi, but the campaign could not yield desirable results due to law & order situation in the city.

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