Issuing Valuation Guidelines not Directorate of Customs Valuation job

KARACHI: Pakistan Kiryana Merchants Association has moved a representation to the Director General Customs Valuation submitting that issuing Valuation Guidelines was not the job of Director of Customs Valuation.

Targeting Valuation Guidelines fixing the customs values of broomsticks, the Association notes that all the stakeholders should be called to a meeting to determine the prices as the meeting decision.

Chairman of the Association Nadeem-ur-Rehman said that Directorate of Customs Valuation was fixing the customs values of grocery items, due to which these goods were coming through illegal channels and import of grocery items including dry fruits and spices was reduced to almost nil.

Talking about the Valuation Guidelines of broomsticks, Nadeem-ur-Rehman said the values of broomsticks had been fixed even higher than perfumes, toiletries and cosmetics.

He said the Directorate conducted market inquiry from the super stores instead the survey should have been targeting retail markets and shops.

He said that various spices were imported through mis-declaration of description and these goods were mostly coming from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and USA but routed through Iran and cleared via MCC Quetta

Indian spices are being imported from Lahore via land route through mis-declaration of description and weight. At both these station Customs has deployed non-technical staff and they do not fulfillment various legal verifications and certifications.

He criticized Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation saying that checked every consignment clearing from Karachi but ignored consignments clearing from Quetta.

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