Internal Audit points out stuck-up revenue due inefficiency of Customs I&I Khi

Internal Audit points out stuck-up revenue due to inefficiency of Customs I&I Karachi

KARACHI: The Directorate of Internal Audit points out that government revenue to the tune of billions of rupees was stuck-up due to the inefficiency of Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation (ASO/ENF) Karachi.

The Internal Audit has made several Audit Observations requiring the Directorate to justify the omission on their part and expedite the process to realize the legitimate government revenue.

Internal Audit has points out non-recovery of adjudged amount of duty/tax/penalty of Rs862.878 million due to non-pursuance of recovery proceedings by Customs I&I Karachi.

It is pointed out that confiscated goods worth Rs236.89 million and vehicles worth Rs48.47 million were lying at State Warehouses since long and revenue was stuck up due to non-disposal of these goods and vehicles.

Internal Audit notes that scrutiny reveled that seized and confiscated goods were not deposited in the state warehouses despite lapse of considerable time and the whereabouts of these goods were also not known. This has resulted in the loss of revenue of Rs24.89 million.

The Internal Audit has pointed out that several case files were found unattended without the order in originals.

Directorate of Internal Audit has pointed out several other discrepancies and inefficiencies on the part of Customs I&I Karachi including short recovery of adjudged amounts, non-realization of default surcharge, short realization of duty and taxes and non-determination of exact amount of recovery resulting in huge revenue loss to the government.

Internal Audit has advised Customs I&I to clarify their position and make serious efforts to dispose of confiscated goods, realize adjudged amount and other recoveries pending since long.

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